Should Marty Friedman rejoin Megadeth?

Welcome to 2015! The first big story in heavy metal music broke this week, and it’s all about Marty Friedman, who we know from Megadeth. A lot of stories have made the rounds about Megadeth’s lineup situation lately (Chris Broderick left the band a month ago), and a rumor quickly spread that Marty may rejoin Megadeth because in response to being asked if he’d like to rejoin – he replied:

10888708_774327025937649_8184820506968509076_n“I don’t really have an answer for you. I know that people would want to know. Honestly, I don’t have an answer. I have never said ‘never’ to anything in my life, so who knows? I really don’t know.”

While this prospect is exciting, Marty’s actions seem to be speaking louder than words. Marty hasn’t commented on the story further since this interview, and to top it all off – he’s said before he has no interest in taking money from fans while not he’s not into playing music himself. Sadly, I think it’s doubtful that he may seriously return to Megadeth. Marty has been happy in Japan since 2003. He’s expressed that he has a lot of creative freedom there, and I think it’ll take a lot for him to give it up.

We’re now left asking – should Marty rejoin Megadeth at all? I think it’d be amazing if he did. It may even reignite interest in Megadeth, and metal. However, at the end of the day, it’s up to Marty.


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