To Valhalla: Val’s Pick Of The Week

Hi guys! Firstly, happy new year! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written last – but this post is worth waiting for! My “Pick Of The Week” is always going to feature an artist that I feel deserves extra recognition. This week, I’m sending Nervosa to the halls of Valhalla!! You’ve got to hear them! They’re a gritty, simple, in-your-face all-female metal band from Brazil – and they’re worth a listen! I’m loving “Masked Betrayer” especially. Check out some of their tunes here:

March 3rd marks the release of their debut Victim Of Yourself, so keep an eye out! Lead singer Fernanda Lira is just as hardcore as Angela Gossow, and Prika Amaral and Pitchu Ferraz prove to be solid musicians too. If you’re expecting Opeth-like symphonic, or whimsical Epica sound, you may want to look elsewhere. Think more along the lines of Arch Enemy. I don’t like to dwell on gender roles within metal, but if you’re looking for females who rock consider listening to these girls!Victim of Yourself

If you liked what you heard from Nervosa, check them out on their Facebook page too! What do you think of them? -Val


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