Review: Cradle Of Filth and Butcher Babies in Chicago

There was no shortage of energy at last night’s Butcher Babies and Cradle of Filth show at The House of Blues in Chicago! The energy more than made up for the fact that this was an otherwise early night, by metal show standards. The whole show ended at around 9:30pm.

Butcher Babies took the stage at around 6:15pm. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t listened to Butcher Babies at all before this night. This wasn’t because I didn’t want to – I just plain never got around to it. I was in for a treat! The first time I’d be hearing them, they’d be live. I blown away by Carla and Heidi’s energy!! Not to mention, as soon as Carla took the stage, every man in venue promptly began drooling. These girls moved around so much on stage, that I asked myself, “How are they not running into each other?”


Butcher Babies’ music might not have sold me (I tend to be more of an Opeth/Lamb Of God/Enslaved kind of girl), but their energy did. If nothing else, they put on a fantastic live show. “Monsters Ball” was the hit of the night. Heidi and Carla took it upon themselves to get in the pit too! These girls live the metal lifestyle. They immediately joined the crowd after their set.

Next up – Cradle of Filth. Again, this was an early night, so they took the stage at around 7:45pm. Dani Fith took the stage with a warm reception, and no shortage of horns. He made comments like, “this is from our latest musical excretion, “Hammer of the Witches” it’s called “Yours Immortally…” *insert Dani scream*”


The hit of the night was certainly “Her Ghost in the Fog.” As soon as the opening piano part played, the audience went nuts! Another pleasant surprise was “Nymphetamine Fix,” much to the delight of the audience. For the most part, Cradle of Filth stuck to an older set list that was sprinkled with newer tunes. No one seemed to mind. Only three songs from Hammer of the Witches made it onto their setlist.

I wasn’t disappointed!  – \m/ Val


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