Review: Anthrax, ‘For All Kings’

On February 26, 2016,  Anthrax released For All Kings. Thrash fans had been waiting since 2011 for some new material from them, and they didn’t disappoint!

It seems they just keep getting better with age. It’s a classic dose of heavy metal delivering what fans expected, and wanted to hear, from the band.

This piece of metal majesty needed a guitarist like Jonathan Donais, and it’s obvious that he’s complementing Anthrax nicely. For All Kings is his first effort with Anthrax.

The opening track “You Gotta Believe” sets the tone of the album, with lyrics like “You’re just a bag of blood and I’m holding the nail” it’s obvious that this album is encouraging fans to go after whatever they want with confidence – in true, brutal metal form. The lyrical content of the rest of the album largely suggests that people should take responsibility for themselves, and take control of their own life.

Joey Belladonna does what he does best – provide soaring Dio-like vocals. His vocals are solid on this album.

If you were looking for Anthrax to “do something different” with this album…you might want to look elsewhere, because For All Kings is a tribute to the classics.




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