To Valhalla: InSoulitary

Welcome to what I’m calling a “Freya Friday!” These “To Valhalla” posts are going to deliver just what I thought they would. I’m going to spotlight bands from around the world, who certainly deserve a lift! 😉

This week, I’d like you to meet InSoulitary. Fresh out of São Paulo, Brazil these guys offer a variety of metal. They are a five piece band that includes keyboards. Their latest installment, Confinement, offers an assortment of metal styles all within one album. Singer Marcel Briani employs both death and power metal vocal styles in this effort. In my eyes, this makes him a talent to watch. For example, “River of Souls” certainly has a power metal sound, and “Devil’s Playground” has more of a death metal sound.

For my ears, it’s honestly hard to categorize InSoulitary or Confinement within one metal subgenre. It can be argued that some songs on the album sound more folk metal, death metal, etc.

Give them a listen, and you won’t regret it. Especially if you’re one that doesn’t like metal subgenre labels. Find them on Facebook, Instagram and iTunes.



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