Zakk Wylde loves Adele

It’s no secret that EVERYONE loves Adele, but you may not have known that Zakk Wylde is also an Adele fan. This came as a surprise to me, and metal fans alike, but it’s cool to see a legend like him support other genres of music.

The confusion on “how he really feels” stems from a Vine video that the Black Label Society leader posted not too long ago. In which, he seems to suggest that he’s irritated by Adele‘s song “Hello.” Especially when he says, “that’ll be enough of that!”

However, this isn’t the case! Zakk Wylde loves Adele just as much as everyone else. He tells Loudwire, “When you have somebody like Adele who comes along that is just living proof that pure, god-given talent… like Freddie Mercury said, ‘Talent will always out.’ It always will. It’s just undeniably good.” Check out his interview below.

What do you think about Zakk admitting his love for Adele to the world? Do you have any artists that you love as guilty pleasures?

I’ll admit it – I’m an Adele fan too! It’s far too often in metal that we hear/see/think/believe that we have to purely be lovers of heavy metal, and no other style of music. Peer pressure is a bummer.


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