To Valhalla: Art Of Violet

Hey guys! \m/

It’s Friday, and that means we’re “lifting an artist to Valhalla” and rising awareness about them! Do you know Art Of Violet?

They’re an industrial/alternative metal band from Moscow, and they rock just as hard as Nine Inch Nails did in 1994. Seriously, if Taylor Momsen somehow fronted Nine Inch Nails or Ministry -you’d have the sound of Art Of Violet. Vocalist Johanna Ergwath sounds a lot like Taylor Momsen. If you’re looking for a heavy percussion section, you won’t find it with Art Of Violet, but that’s okay – because that’s not what they’re going for.

They describe themselves as, “Industrial/alternative metal from Russia. The band brings together melodic female vocals and straightforward beats and guitar riffs. The lyrics, often based on the works of English and Russian poets, add a mystical touch to the music of the band.” That makes for heavy lyrical content!

Find them on Facebook and SoundCloud. Cheers!



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