Slipknot and Corey Taylor’s mask are still intact

It appears that Facebook strikes again! Never trust everything you read on the internet folks… unless it’s my blog ofcourse! 😉

A story on an Onion-like metal news website made its way to Facebook this week. It caused some rumors to be spread about the mask of Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor. The summary of the story, is that Corey Taylor‘s mask was “stolen” during a show in New Mexico and he was “forced to perform on stage without it.” Again – this story is funny, but bogus. So calm down Slipknot fans, no one took Corey Taylor‘s mask. In fact, I bet he’s laughing about this right now.

Another Corey Taylor story that got out of hand this week, suggested that he was leaving Slipknot. This story is also bogus. Corey explains, “Well, I do it every two years. I mean, that’s what people forget — I step away from SLIPKNOT to do STONE SOUR all the time. That’s what I was kind of talking about. You know, I was talking about time off and I was talking about giving myself a chance to kind of catch my breath and kind of letting SLIPKNOT take a rest as well.”

Why would we wish the worst!? Why believe any of this? Who knows… but it’s good to know none of it is true.


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