To Valhalla: Last Year’s Tragedy

It’s time to lift another artist you may or may not know to Valhalla!

My awareness of these Kenyan metalheads came in 2012. I featured them on my old podcast, and they’ve been super successful within the Kenyan metal scene. Ladies and gentleman, I give you… Last Year’s Tragedy!


Founded in Nairobi in 2005, these guys have built an insane following in their home country. So insane that they reached even more fans through Facebook!

They call themselves a “post-hardcore/hardcore metal core” band, but the best thing about them is their lyrics. They ooze positivity. Take a look at a bit of “Generation Light” which says,

“Fabrications, imitations, false conclusions, limitations
End these wars
Mend your souls”

They carry that theme of positivity throughout every album they’ve ever done; 6 Hours, the Challenge Accepted EP and their latest effort, Bury Your Fallen Dreams. They love the metal scene. They love it so much, that they’ve organized concerts all throughout Kenya, and are working on one right now.

Check out Last Year’s Tragedy on Facebook, and hear their music here.


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