To Valhalla: The Raven Age

As promised, I’m featuring The Raven Age for this Friday’s edition of “To Valhalla!” If you don’t know them, you’ll want to.

Currently, they’re Iron Maiden‘s tour mates on The Book of Souls World Tour, and that’s where my awareness of The Raven Age begins.


The Raven Age; Chicago, IL on 4/6/16

You can’t get much newer than these guys. They formed in London in 2009 (maybe that’s how they hopped on the Iron Maiden tour?), but didn’t finalize their current lineup until 2013 (Michael Burroughs – Vocals | Matt Cox – Bass Guitar | Dan Wright – Guitar | George Harris – Guitar | Jai Patel – Drums). They describe themselves as a “melodic metal band” but I believe they sound a lot like In Flames (if In Flames had clean vocals), if you’re looking for a comparison.

They released their first self titled EP in 2014, and played it in its entirety before Iron Maiden took the stage. On Wednesday, April 6th, 2016, The Raven Age played the United Center in Chicago to a lukewarm crowd – at first.

They decided to let the music speak for itself (and rightfully so – it’s solid!), and dove right into their set with Michael Burroughs addressing the crowd only occasionally – until their set was close to being done. That’s when he ramped up the crowd by saying, “you better be ready, IRON MAIDEN IS COMING NEXT!!”  My personal favorites were “Eye Among The Blind” and “The Death March”.


Check out The Raven Age on Facebook, and at their website. They also released a heavy  music video (their first ever) for “Angel In Disgrace” which you can watch below.




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