Remembering Peter Steele

There will never be another.

I remember very distinctly what I was doing six years today at around 11am. I was still in college, working in the computer lab. I never got the chance to see Type O Negative live, and that made hearing the news of Peter Steele‘s passing that much harder. I knew then, I really would never get that chance.

Peter Steele of Type O Negative passed away at just 48 years old on April 14, 2010. He died of heart failure. Most fans thought it was a joke as first. If you’ll remember, he’s “faked his own death” before. We miss him.

If you’re  wondering what the rest of Type O Negative (Kenny Hickey, Josh Silver and Johnny Kelly) has been up to since then, here’s what I came up with…

  • Johnny Kelly has been drumming for Kill Devil Hill (filling the void Vinnie Appice left) and A Pale Horse Named Death (with former Type O Negative member Sal Abruscato). He’s also been drumming with Kenny Hickey, in Seventh Void. Most recently, he was seen in the infamous Phil Anselmo video trying to pull Phil off the stage.
  • Kenny Hickey fronts Seventh Void and also tours with Danzig.
  • Josh Silver has been working as an EMT since 2008.

How do you remember the Green Man? Leave some comments, memories, etc. below! \m/



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