Review: Soilwork & Fear Factory in Chicago

It didn’t take much for Soilwork and Fear Factory to warm up metal fans on a chilly Chicago night! Both bands had the entire crowd in the palm of their hands at Concord Music Hall. It made no difference that it was a Tuesday night.

As Soilwork took the stage, Björn Strid joked that they’d been in the Chicago area recently, and were already back (“Does Joliet count as Chicago?”). Quickly, they launched into the title track from their latest release, The Ride Majestic. They then followed with an awesome throwback “Nerve,” which was a definite crowd pleaser. This was a solid performance from every guy in the band, including new addition, bassist Markus Wibom.

It makes sense that Markus was a flawless addition. Björn Strid told me he’s been a longtime friend of the band. He fit right in! There was good interaction between all of the guys on stage as well. You were very much watching a group of friends have fun! Check out Soilwork‘s set from last night below.

  1. Stabbing the Drama

@soilwork killing it last night in #chicago!! 🤘🏻

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Fear Factory heated things up even further. If you attended (or plan on attending) this tour, there was a special reason for doing so. They’re performing DEMANUFACTURE‬ in its entirety, and their set also includes new material. Fans knew going in that they were in for a treat, and Burton C. Bell & Co. delivered! I noted Dino Cazares mouthing every line while shredding. Again, the whole band was having fun! Check out their set below.

  1. (Head of David cover)
  2. Encore:



In closing, I’ll just mention that as a fan – if the band is having a good time you’rhaving a good time. It was awesome to see the positive interaction between the guys in each band. Check out this tour if you can! It’s one that you don’t want to miss.


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