Relax, Scott Stapp isn’t fronting Stone Temple Pilots

It’s no secret that Stone Temple Pilots have been searching for a new lead singer for what seems like an eternity. The world thought their search was over when Scott Stapp of Creed “potentially” leaked some info about their search during a radio interview. He suggested that he was going to be their new lead singer! When Scott was asked directly if he was referring to joining Stone Temple Pilots he said,

“I can’t say, man, I can’t say. I can’t confirm or deny. [But] I will tell you this: there is a six-degree-separation connection between this new project and the band you mentioned.”

So, naturally, the internet went nuts! What did that mean!? Was he saying he’s working with a band that knows the same guys? (common) …or, did he really mean he was taking over lead singer duties. Later on, Stone Temple Pilots quickly shot down the rumor within hours of it reaching the public. They stated on their Facebook page,

“Despite recent comments, Scott Stapp is not, nor has he ever been considered as the singer for STP.”

Therefore, Scott is not joining Stone Temple Pilots. Which is probably for the better, because it seems like he should work on himself at this point. The whole scenario brought me to ask, would fans have wanted to see that anyway? Who should front them? What do you think?


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