Misfits to Reunite

For the first time since 1983, the Misfits are reuniting! Original members Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein are heading Riot Fest, which means they are making their way to Denver and Chicago.

Get ready to mark your calendars! Blabbermouth reports, 13174171_10156911259580788_5846819789245063938_n

“The first show is scheduled for September 2-4 at Denver’s Riot Fest And Rodeo, while the second will happen at Riot Fest And Carnival, set for September 16-18 in

Its been said by Jerry Only before that he’d rejoin the Misfits if Glenn Danzig would refrain from getting so “dark,” so maybe the two of them compromised? Or, could it be that new music is on the horizon. Though Glenn Danzig and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein weren’t involved in the project, Blabbermouth says,

“MISFITS will release a new EP, “Friday The 13th”, this Friday, May 13. It will contain “four new horror-punk anthems” written by OnlyGlenn Danzig and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein are not believed to be involved in the effort.”

No matter the reason for the reunion, this is wonderful news!





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