Megadeth pays tribute to Nick Menza

Last night in New York, Dave Mustaine discussed the passing of former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza, and lead a Megadeth tribute to him. A moment of silence was held, and Dave later said, “I usually say ‘You’ve been great. We’ve been MEGADETH.’ But Nick, you’ve been great, I love you, buddy.” before launching into the tribute. Fans were not disappointed! Check out the tribute below.

Additional note: Soilwork’s Dirk Verbeuren was behind the drum kit for this! (Way to go Dirk!!)

Dave also posted the following on Facebook…

What may come as a surprise, is the super early announcement that Megadeth was working with Menza‘s family to put on a benefit show in California. To my knowledge, Dave didn’t announce this on stage, but (according to Blabbermouth) he told Tigman of the Q103,

“I think now, it’s the time for everyone to remember Nick and his legacy of just great performances. And tonight we are hoping to do a moment of silence, and the band’s already agreed, we’re gonna do a benefit in California to… I mean, we’re working out the details; you’re the first person to hear this. So we’re working on a benefit there. And we’re hoping to leave an open stage for all of the alumni from MEGADETH to come there and play with us, so that we can help leave behind something for Nick‘s children, which, I think, had been kind of left in a band way. We wanted to get all that stuff set up and right now, that’s what… the wheels are all turning in our camp.

So, to anybody that thinks that I don’t love Nick [raises middle finger]… You can imagine what I just said.”

We’ll see where that goes! It’s an awesome idea. Sadly, this past Saturday night, Nick Menza passed away after suffering a heart attack on stage while performing with OHM. He was 51.



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