Review: Death Angel – The Evil Divide

May 27th, 2016 proved to be an awesome day for metal! Bay-area thrash meatless Death Angel were among many bands releasing new material today. Their eighth studio release, The Evil Divide, is an absolute delight!

If you’re looking for heavier, crunchier guitar riffs peppered with brutal lyrics – you found it in Death Angel‘s brand new album The Evil Divide. The best part about this album, is that no lineup changes were made within the band.

Check out “Hatred United/United Hate” – notice how stripped down the video is.

This seems to a theme for the album – a down to earth, gritty example of classic Death Angel doing what they do best. However, The Evil Divide takes a heavier turn as compared to The Dream Calls For Blood. Perhaps that’s how producer Jason Suecof likes it. It’s clear that he and Death Angel have a mutual understanding of what’s best for the sound of the band, because The Evil Divide is obviously a cohesive effort. It’s the third the time the two have worked together.

“The Moth” is a track that sets the tone for the entire rest of the album. After listening to
13267976_10153538747790759_3066892641825805021_n that song, you know Death Angel put together a loud, fast-paced, guitar heavy piece of art. Mark Osegueda does a phenomenal job vocally, soaring over the relentless guitars (thank you Rob Cavestany and Ted Aguilar!). In my opinion, “Hatred United/United Hate” is the best example of this.

I absolutely love the pure venom and angst that Mark spits during “Hell To Pay” – if you’re going through a rough time, pump that sucker into some loud speakers and you’ll feel better!

The Evil Divide is angry, loud and fierce! Definitely a must by! Check out the tracklist below, and see Death Angel on tour this year! You won’t want to miss them performing these tunes live! Death Angel always puts on an excellent live show, with the entire band involved, interacting with the crowd… and I have a feeling that touring The Evil Divide will be no different.

1. “The Moth” 4:38
2. “Cause for Alarm” 3:22
3. “Lost” 4:57
4. “Father of Lies” 5:05
5. “Hell to Pay” 3:12
6. “It Can’t Be This” 4:16
7. “Hatred United/United Hate” 5:17
8. “Breakaway” 4:01
9. “The Electric Cell” 4:38
10. “Let the Pieces Fall” 5:47



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