Review: Katatonia – The Fall Of Hearts

Strap yourself in for a more progressive Katatonia! Their latest release The Fall Of Hearts contains some serious Opeth and Enslaved vibes. It was introduced to the world on May 20th.

It’s been four years since Dead End Kings was unleashed, and fans will be able to tell that The Fall Of Hearts isn’t as heavy on the guitars as that album was. This might be due to the fact that The Fall Of Hearts contains some new blood in the band lineup. Daniel Moilanen and Roger Öjersson make their first appearance on this album. Daniel took over behind the drumkit, and you’ll notice Roger’s solos on guitar (see: “Takeover”, “Serac” and “Passer”).

While fans may notice a change in Katatonia‘s sound, rest assured that the same dramatic themes on subjects like love and obsession are still very much intact in the writing. (Example: “These are the words that you won’t find. This closure is not what you had in mind.” in “Serac”)

In other words, it’s classic Katatonia but with a more progressive tweak. If you’re going to buy the album, be sure to get the physical copy that includes the DVD!



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