To Valhalla: Graveyard

Welcome to another #FreyaFriday and new addition of “To Valhalla” where we send another band into your awareness! 😉

This week, we’re talking about Graveyard. Formed in Sweden in 2006, Graveyard is a breath of fresh air. They describe themselves as being part of the “classic heavy rock, blues, and psychedelia” genres, and in my opinion, they’re a wonderfully tight mix of Jimi Hendrix meets The Doors and Grateful Dead. They are a musician’s group of musicians.

Their current line-up consists of:

  • Joakim Nilsson – guitar, vocals
  • Jonatan Larocca-Ramm – guitar, vocals
  • Axel Sjöberg – drums
  • Truls Mörck – bass, vocals

Previous records are heavier sounding, but for now, check out their latest release Innocence & Decadence for some serious psychedelic vibes. I hope they continue in that direction.

More on Graveyard can be found on Facebook, Twitter and on Nuclear Blasts‘ site.




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