Machine Head unveil new single

I can’t wait for this!! Yesterday, Machine Head announced that a brand new single titled, “Is There Anybody Out There?” will be available tomorrow (June 3rd) for purchase.

The track made its debut yesterday, and you can check out a sneak peek before it hits Machine-Head-Is-There-Anybody-Out-ThereiTunes. Lead singer Robb Flynn said of the tune, “The song is about love, loneliness, racism, and not getting what is going on in the world/America. It’s very much about current events, but applies to a bigger picture.”

Rumors are already swirling that the track is about Robb‘s thoughts on the Phil Anselmo incident from earlier this year. Some of the lyrics of “Is There Anybody Out There?” are, “Now I stand as a father, to men with no honor / Ashamed of the racists I used to call brothers / Cause no flag can mean bravery, when bloodied by slavery.”

Robb also talked about how the song came together…

Regardless of what it’s about, it’s a fantastic track! It’s a gritty look at a sound that may be Machine Head‘s future. I hope it means a new Machine Head album is on the way soon. The new single is available to purchase tomorrow on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.



  1. So, what’s your thought on this song now that it’s released? I’d really like to hear your opinion. (You can also check out my review of the song on my blog if you want). Keep up the good work!

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