To Valhalla: Ravenscroft

It’s a #FreyaFriday, and time to introduce you to a band you may or may not know. Thus, sending them to Valhalla!

My awareness of Ravenscroft began when they followed me on Twitter. What do you when you notice a band you haven’t heard of does such a thing? You check them out! I’m glad I did, because they rock!

Ravenscroft is a hard rock four piece out of California with just enough edge to remind you of Monster Magnet and Godsmack. Their look is a lot like Judas Priest meets Type O Negative.

Here’s a look at their latest music video, for a song called “Cauldron of Deceit”.

The band consists of Ralph Buso (Vocals), Brett Octane (Guitars), Devin Baker (Bass) and Pat Migrate (Drums). Check out the links for more! They can also be found on Pandora, and at their own site. You won’t regret it.



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