To Valhalla: Mist

It’s a #FreyaFriday and that means we’re showing love, and escorting a band to Valhalla – hoping they reach your awareness!

This week, we’re talking about Mist from Slovenia. Originally totally female (but not anymore), they formed in July 2012, and classify themselves as doom metal. They are very sludgy and intense! If you like Huntress, you’ll love the vocals!


Band members include… Lead vocals : Nina Spruk, Rhythm guitar & backing vocals: Ema Babošek, Lead guitar : Blaž Tanšek, Bass : Neža Pečan, Drums : Mihaela Žitko and they make for a lovely Huntress meets early Black Sabbath combo.

Recently, they’ve been touring all over Europe. I’d love to see them if they make it to the United States!

They have yet to release a full album, but you can check out some EP tracks on SoundCloud and YouTube. Keep your eye on them!



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