Pantera calls for change

This past weekend was a rough one for Florida. The death toll is still rising after a massacre an Orlando nightclub, and a former contestant of The Voice (Christina Grimmie) was murdered on stage.

Obviously the events surrounding Christina’s death struck a chord with the members of  13413031_10154315135884697_6488185843145196645_nPantera. (RIP Dime! \m/) After what happened to Christina was made public, they posted the following message on Facebook…

“We are so sad and disappointed to hear that Christina Grimmie was gunned down the same way that Dimebag Darrell was. After Dime’s murder, we all prayed that our industry (i.e. club owners & promoters) would do whatever they needed to do to protect artists from gun wielding fanatics. Sadly, that’s not the case and another rising star had to pay the consequences with her life. SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE! RIP Christina & RIP Dime, Jeff Thompson, Erin Halk, and Nathan Bray.”

Perhaps Pantera has a point. Something obviously needs to change when it comes to concert security, if these types of incidents keep happening.

The question is – how much more can we do? Lately, depending on the venue (in America anyway), going to show can seem like trying to pass through security in an airport. You’re already carded, searched, asked to open purses, etc. before even entering the stage/floor area. How is it that someone is able to conceal a gun at all!!??

We don’t have the answers, but this conversation is necessary. Hopefully, some sort of security standard will require the same level of inspection for every person at every venue – regardless of size.


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