To Valhalla: Flawed By Design

It’s a #FreyFriday! That’s means we’re bringing a new band to reach your awareness, and sending them to Valhalla!

Fresh from North Carolina, it’s clear that Flawed By Design will one day be taking the metal world by storm. They formed in 2012, and have released a few tunes already.

Their bio explains, “guitarist Tony Greer and percussionist Shane Atkinson, Flawed by Design was finalized by the addition of bassist Davie Huffman. Even after Huffman’s entrance to the group and subsequent release of a four track EP, Flawed by Design struggled incessantly to find a frontman who truly fit the band – that is, until the band was united with vocalist Dillon Reynolds in early 2013.”

n my eyes, Dillon has proven to be vocally reminiscent of both James Hetfield and Layne Staley. The crunching, unforgiving, guitar work is a bonus too.
Last year, they released A New Creation, which offers a solid piece of pure, gritty metal. You
can find it for sale on iTunes and at

You won’t be disappointed when looking into these guys further! Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and their website, for more.


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