Review: Guns N’ Roses in Pittsburgh 

Tuesday night in Pittsburgh, a visibly excited Axl Rose called out “Hello boys and girls!” just after Guns N’ Roses launched into “It’s So Easy” to kick off another amazing night for the Not In This Lifetime tour. The crowd went nuts!!

For a group of guys that haven’t played together in twenty years, they didn’t miss a beat.

photo: Jack Fordyce – Tribune Review

Wolfmother opened for Guns N’ Roses with a solid set. They mixed older and newer tunes. The big hit of the night was “Woman”.

After Wolfmother took the stage, the audience was treated to a series of Guns N’ Roses hits. Not a single one went over negatively. They were tight as ever! They even refreshed my memory of Chinese Democracy by playing a few tunes from that album. 

Here’s just a few highlights…

Questioning whether or not Axl still has it? Just listen to this…

It was awesome to see them to honor their punk roots with some Johnny Thunders and Iggy Pop! Duff McKagan and Slash both had time to shine with separate solo opportunities, as seen above. 

When Guns blasted into “November Rain” fans witnessed a melding of that and the piano ending for “Layla” that blew their minds! Not to mention a nice segue from “Civil War” to a “Voodoo Child” solo by Slash.

My eyes began to water when the opening notes of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” echoed through Heinz Field, and saw Slash, Duff and Axl play near each other like brothers. 

Not to mention, hearing “Paradise City” amongst the Pittsburgh skyline was enough to bring on more tears from any Pittsburgher.

All in all, this tour is one worth seeing. You could tell that the set list was as much fun for Guns N’ Roses as it was for the fans! 

Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother put it best when he called opening for Guns and honor and said, “we all need this, don’t we?” 

Check out the set list here

photo: Jack Fordyce – Tribune Review


  1. I was at the show and show it was non stop action! Being the same age as the GUNNERS i thought to myself they must be in great shape to pound out a show like this. My question is i want more Steven was not there that would of been nice, Izzy would be really nice. By no way am i saying the show took a step back the people who they have in place get whats going on. I want a new album and more shows if they played 7 straight days and i could go i would thats how good it was. People will look back on this tour and realize i just seen probably the greatest axe man of all time in my eyes there is no better then SLASH. From the first note to the last it was perfection TOP HAT off to you you the best. Duff what a master of making every thing come together for the band he commands the best out of everyone on stage in a way no one noticed it. AXL how people hate on this guy is crazy helping out AC/DC and getting bashed for it. Whatever your take on this guy is you got to say he left no page unturned. Not one time did he slow the train down. In my eyes the greatest! Now what a new album please do it.

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    • TOTALLY want a new album too Ron! 🤘🏻 I loved the show, and really wish Steven were there too. Especially since he was was with them in Ohio and Tennessee just before!


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