Opeth to tour with The Sword

As further proof that Sorceress is really on the way, Opeth announced that they are teaming up with The Sword for a North American tour this Fall. This announcement comes just a week after letting fans know they’ve teamed up with Nuclear Blast too. Check out the dates below!

9/24 – San Bernardino, Calif. – Ozzfest/Knotfest @ San Manual Amphitheater
9/29 – Pittsburgh, Pa. – Stage AE
9/30 – Silver Spring, Md. – Fillmore
10/1 – New York, N.Y. – Radio City Music Hall
10/2 – Boston, Mass. – House of Blues
10/4 – Montreal, Quebec – Metropolis
10/5 – Toronto, Ontario – Massey Hall
10/7 – Detroit, Mich. – Fillmore
10/8 – Akron, Ohio – Good Year Theater at East End
10/9 – Chicago, Ill. – Riviera Theater
10/10 – Minneapolis, Minn. – First Ave
10/12 – Oklahoma City, Okla. – Diamond Ballroom
10/13 – Houston, Texas – Warehouse Live
10/14 – Austin, Texas – Emo’s
10/15 – Dallas, Texas – Gas Monkey Live
10/18 – Las Vegas, Nev. – Brooklyn Bowl
10/19 – Tempe, Ariz. – Marquee Theater
10/21 – Sacramento, Calif. – Ace of Spades
10/22 – San Francisco, Calif. – Warfield
10/24 – Portland, Ore. – Roseland Theater
10/25 – Seattle, Wash. – Moore Theater
10/26 – Vancouver, British Columbia – Orpheum



Should Joey Jordison reunite with Slipknot?

Former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison has been in the news quite frequently. Ever since his Gold Gods Awards speech (don’t watch it at work!), Joey has given fans an explanation as to what really happened between he and Slipknot.

Now the fans have that explanation, reunion questions are already being presented. Joey feels like a reunion is possible (according to Blabbermouth), at least on his end…

“Honestly, I’m not trying to be dramatic, but if that was brought up, what I’d want to do would be to get together. I’d want to see them, just hug it out and feel that energy that we had when we were f-ing young and hungry and all that s-t.

They’re my brothers. We’d hug and talk and do s-t like we used to do. We used to sit up all night along planning this s-t and what we wanted to do. So that’s how I’d wanna do it.

It’d have to be in person. If it happened, that would be f-ing awesome, but only time will tell.”

What do you think? Should a Slipknot reunion with Joey Jordison happen?


Opeth announce new album and new deal

Opeth fans rejoice! \m/

Not only did they announce that they signed a new record deal with Nuclear Blast, they’ve also announced a new album is on the way later this year! Mikael Åkerfeldt said the deal was the result of a meeting in a Porsche!

“We’re happy to confirm that we have indeed signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment and will be putting out our 12th studio album Sorceress via our own imprint, Moderbolaget Records.

The decision was made in Markus Staiger’s (Nuclear Blast kingpin) ridiculously potent Porsche going at 150 mph somewhere in the south of Germany. We’re happy to be part of the NB team and look forward to a fruitful relationship.”


Contract photo credit: Ben Lodwick

As a bonus; a few details about the next Opeth album, Sorceress, were also announced. According to their website

“OPETH are currently in the studio with Tom Dalgety putting the finishing touches on Sorceress. A release for the album is tentatively scheduled for the fall via Moderbolaget Records / Nuclear Blast Entertainment.”

Sorceress will be Opeth‘s twelfth album. Their last album, Pale Communion, was released in late 2014.

Rob Zombie releases spooky ’31’ trailer

There’s only one rule… survive – and that’s going to be hard to do! 

The latest flick from Rob Zombie, 31, is set for release on September 16th. The trailer was released today. 

Five carnival workers are forced to survive a hell-compound, dreamed up by a gang of clowns and other characters. They have twelve hours to survive immense torture.  

The film looks to be classic Rob Zombie – in all its irrefutable and unapologetic gore. It already had to be edited down from an NC-17 rating to earn an R. 

Will you see it?

Joey Jordison unveils reason for Slipknot departure

Seriously, no one saw this coming…

Yesterday, as he accepted the coveted Golden God Award at the Metal Hammer Golden God Awards, Joey Jordison made an announcement that surprised metal fans everywhere. A disease had impacted his drumming ability, thus his departure from Slipknot was imminent.

“Towards [the] end of my career in SLIPKNOT — and I want you all to give praise to them as well. We accomplished a lot in life, every one of them, and I wish them nothing but luck and the best of praises. Cause what we created in the basements of Des Moines, Iowa will never be matched. It’s one thing that is f-ing absolutely f-ing unbeatable. I love those guys very much… Towards the end of my career in SLIPKNOT, I got really, really sick with a horrible disease called transverse myelitis. I lost my legs. I couldn’t play anymore. It was a form of multiple sclerosis, which I don’t wish on my worst enemy. I got myself back up, and I got myself in the gym, and I got myself back in f-ing therapy to f-ing beat this s-t. And if I could do it, you could do it. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, more than f-ing anything.”

I had questions after hearing this too… firstly, what is transverse myelitis? According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s, “an inflammation of the spinal cord, which often targets insulating material covering nerve cell fibers (myelin). Transverse myelitis may result in injury across the spinal cord, affecting sensation below the injury.” This explains the loss of feeling in his legs.

Secondly, since he “got himself back,” is there a chance he’ll return to Slipknot? We still don’t know the real story. Was he fired? Or, did he quit? Does he even care to rejoin them? He seems pretty happy with Sinsaenum right now.

Pantera calls for change

This past weekend was a rough one for Florida. The death toll is still rising after a massacre an Orlando nightclub, and a former contestant of The Voice (Christina Grimmie) was murdered on stage.

Obviously the events surrounding Christina’s death struck a chord with the members of  13413031_10154315135884697_6488185843145196645_nPantera. (RIP Dime! \m/) After what happened to Christina was made public, they posted the following message on Facebook…

“We are so sad and disappointed to hear that Christina Grimmie was gunned down the same way that Dimebag Darrell was. After Dime’s murder, we all prayed that our industry (i.e. club owners & promoters) would do whatever they needed to do to protect artists from gun wielding fanatics. Sadly, that’s not the case and another rising star had to pay the consequences with her life. SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE! RIP Christina & RIP Dime, Jeff Thompson, Erin Halk, and Nathan Bray.”

Perhaps Pantera has a point. Something obviously needs to change when it comes to concert security, if these types of incidents keep happening.

The question is – how much more can we do? Lately, depending on the venue (in America anyway), going to show can seem like trying to pass through security in an airport. You’re already carded, searched, asked to open purses, etc. before even entering the stage/floor area. How is it that someone is able to conceal a gun at all!!??

We don’t have the answers, but this conversation is necessary. Hopefully, some sort of security standard will require the same level of inspection for every person at every venue – regardless of size.

Review: Scorpion Child – Acid Roulette

If you’re looking for a fusion of Rush (seriously, singer Aryn Jonathan Black sounds a little like Geddy Lee! He soars on vocals.) meets, Led Zeppelin, meets Aerosmith. You found it in the second release from Scorpion Child!

Since 2006, these Texans (“The Child” – for those who don’t know) have put out solid hard rock, and Acid Roulette is no exception to their (proven successful – at least, to my ears) formula. This is a party record (“She Sings, I Kill” and “My Woman In Black” especially), but it’s also a musicians’ record.

You can tell right away that Jon “The Charn” Rice and Alec Caballero Padron (drums and bass, respectively) work well together to create a solid, train-chugging-along rhythm section.

If you’re looking for slower jams, check out “Survives” and the title-track “Acid Roulette” – both are a little more psychedelic. Don’t forget to find a dark room and light some candles to “Séance” either! Yep, it’s what you think it is… cool, creepy vibes from that one.

You just don’t find these kind of vibes in rock that often anymore. It’s a breath of smoke-filled fresh air with a nod to the 70’s! It’s definitely worth a listen. Check out more details on the band and their sound here, and get Acid Roulette anywhere music is sold today!


To Valhalla: Mist

It’s a #FreyaFriday and that means we’re showing love, and escorting a band to Valhalla – hoping they reach your awareness!

This week, we’re talking about Mist from Slovenia. Originally totally female (but not anymore), they formed in July 2012, and classify themselves as doom metal. They are very sludgy and intense! If you like Huntress, you’ll love the vocals!


Band members include… Lead vocals : Nina Spruk, Rhythm guitar & backing vocals: Ema Babošek, Lead guitar : Blaž Tanšek, Bass : Neža Pečan, Drums : Mihaela Žitko and they make for a lovely Huntress meets early Black Sabbath combo.

Recently, they’ve been touring all over Europe. I’d love to see them if they make it to the United States!

They have yet to release a full album, but you can check out some EP tracks on SoundCloud and YouTube. Keep your eye on them!


Drowning Pool interested in jam with 82 year-old 

In case you missed it, 82-year-old John Hetlinger stole the show on America’s Got Talent with his cover of Drowning Pool‘s “Bodies” that took the Internet by storm. 

Today, Drowning Pool guitarist CJ Pierce announced that the band was hoping to meet John, and jam with him – possibly at Chicago Open Air (since “that’s the next festival we’re doing”). He told Pulse Of Radio, “The feelers are out there and I think it would be fun. Obviously he had a great time with the song and we have a great time with the song every night so it would be awesome to have him onstage with us.”

Here’s hoping it happens! According to Blabbermouth, CJ Pierce has apparently always been a fan of the video, saying, “I picked up my phone and I got a handful of texts from a number of people because I guess it got out yesterday ahead of the airing… I watched it, and man, I am so entertained by it. It’s awesome to just see an 82-year-old man get out there and just belt out some metal — whether it was our song or any song, it was just killer to see him do that.”

THIS SHOULD HAPPEN!! 🙌🏻🎸🤘🏻 I sure hope it does! 

Axl Rose asks for “fat” photo to be removed

This smells more like an idea coming more so from Axl’s publicist than Axl Rose himself, but, the latest on the Guns N’ Roses frontman is that his team asked for the infamous “fat” meme to be removed. In case you forgot what the photo looked like, click here.

Originally, the photo was taken in Canada in 2010. It blew up after it was released by  photographer Boris Minkevich of the Winnipeg Free Press. Fans were sort of shocked at how much weight he’d put on… even though the guy was 48 at the time.

According to TorrentFreak and Guitar World, Axl (or his team, or both…) “[…] sent Google a axlrose2016Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice to Google claiming ownership of the image in question.” in an effort to remove it from the internet. The problem is, no one can agree on who actually “owns” the rights to the photo.

Since the photo was taken by Boris Minkevich, he’s claiming it’s his property. However, Axl‘s team states that photographers at his performances must get permission before taking photos. Google has yet to respond to the request. As of today, the photos can still be found online.

Regardless, Axl definitely doesn’t look that way now! What do you think? Should the photo be removed?