Megadeth chooses permanent drummer

If there was ever a person both qualified and awesome enough to drum for Megadeth, it’s certainly Dirk Verbeuren.

He’d been “filling in” while Megadeth is touring Dystopia per the recommendation of Lamb Of God‘s Chris Adler – and doing a kick ass job! 

This weekend, we finally received the news that Dirk was going Dave & Co. full time. 

Of the news, Dirk said….

“Dave, David and Kiko, I’m thankful for your warm welcome and thrilled at the opportunity to perform and create badass music with you guys. Chris Adler, thank you for introducing me to Megadeth – and for your encouragement and support.”

If you’re a Soilwork fan asking “what’s going to happen to Soilwork now?” you’re not alone. We don’t have a clue where they’re going from here, but Björn Strid doesn’t seem too concerned.

Björn Strid

“In regards to the statement Megadeth released yesterday, confirming that Dirk will join them as their full time drummer, I just want to take the time to wish Dirk good luck on this new venture and thank him for 12 great years together. Together we have created a beast of a band and have pushed the limits musically further than we ever could have imagined.”
In the recent years Soilwork have found new ways of expressing ourselves and as much as of a cliché it is, I strongly believe that this is very much of a new era for us and that we still have so much left to say, whether it being with or without Dirk. This band has grown to be quite a metal collective and an institution that paves the way creatively and we hope that you, the fans, can feel the presence and the heart in our music still to this day.
Believe me, it’s there. I can assure that you will forever get 100% Soilwork, as long as we release albums. We aim to surprise ourselves and the listeners by constantly developing our sound and songwriting, something I believe we have succeeded in doing and yet remained true to our roots. That is something to be proud of and we are. We appreciate all our loyal fans and are excited that so many of you share our musical vision.
Meanwhile, I’m sure many of you have seen us at a festival in Europe this summer with our friend, Bastian Thusgaard filling in on drums and I’m sure we can all agree on what a monster he is. Thank you Bastian, you are absolutely killing it. Check out the remaining festival dates and come see us. We’ll be there. Thank you.”

In the meantime, check out Soilwork‘s newest project coming next month. 

What do you think about Megadeth choosing Dirk?


Interview: Björn Strid of Soilwork

It’s easy to recognize Björn Strid of Soilwork. You can’t miss his tall frame. On this chilly Chicago day (like a true Scandinavian) he’s wearing basketball shorts, seemingly unbothered, while some Chicagoans are still bundled up in winter attire. When I mention my observation to him, he laughs and says, “Yeah… I was hoping to workout. That’s the only reason. But it is pretty damn cold! We just had nice weather the other day!”

Soilwork and Fear Factory have been touring together for the past month. It’s the second time I’ll be seeing Soilwork in the Chicago area within the last six months. They’re promoting The Ride Majestic heavily, and rightfully so. It’s fantastic! Björn also tells me that it comes from a place of healing. Working on this project has helped him (and other band members) cope with recent loss.

Soilwork continues to elevate their sound. Björn and I revisit their writing process, discuss the story behind “The Pittsburgh Syndrome” (hey – I’m from Pittsburgh, I had to ask!), and talk about their recent gain – bassist Markus Wibom, who Björn tells me is a longtime friend (and former tech) to the band. Some of you know that he’s a hockey fan, and he tells us who his team is…

Let’s take a ride! Watch my interview with Björn Strid (who I nominate for “The Nicest Guy In Metal” by the way!) below. The full interview (an audio version) can be found below that too.