Death Angel talks bullying

How metal is this!? I’m applauding Rob Cavestany of Death Angel and his son Aiden for having a conversation about bullying publicly. It’s a subject touched on frequently, but not necessarily by the metal world in such open terms.

Let’s face it, the music gets you through. You almost don’t have to talk about it as a metal fan. It’s no secret that metal fans who are bullied use the music as fuel to stand up for themselves, or comfort themselves later.

Rob and his son had a conversation about bullying, and we found out that they’ve had vastly different experiences with it.

Can we just get this out of the way – HOW AWESOME IS AIDEN!!? Such a strong kid, at such a young age! Props to Rob as a parent. It’s awesome to see these kinds of conversations being had, especially in the metal community.

You’re probably asking, why did they have the sit down in the first place? If you’ve checked out Death Angel‘s newest release The Evil Divide, you’ll notice a song called “Lost”  which touches on the subject. The video makes it even more obvious.

What do you think about Death Angel opening up a conversation about bullying? I think it’s very metal! Check out The Evil Divide here.