Dethklok returns under new name

Fans have asked, and Brendan Small found a way! 

Dethklok is going to release new music under a new name, because of all the legal drama with Adult Swim

The name… is Galakticon 2. According to drummer Gene Hoglan

“Brendon is the guy to speak officially about the future of Dethklok per se, but one thing that I do know is I was down in LA doing a few days with Brendon on a new project that happens to be called Galakticon 2.

All I know is this Galakticon 2 album sure sounds a whole lot like Dethklok and sure has the approach of Dethklok.. .but it’s called Galakticon 2. That’s the name of the band because we can’t use Dethklok any more.
This new record we recorded is fucking amazing, it’s killer, and I’m stoked. It sure is a killer record we did, chock full of double bass, killer riffs, and all sorts of cool stuff, and I can’t wait to hear it when it’s done.”

All sorts of awesome! No release date has been set yet.