Review: Gojira – Magma

One of the most anticipated metal albums of 2016 was released just a week ago.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that we’re talking about Magma from French (and now New York City residents) metal group Gojira. These guys are known for developing their own unmistakable style, and in that sense, Magma won’t sound too different for Gojira fans.

If it seems like Magma is coming from a heavier place (heavier than they’ve gone before), it is. Sadly,  Joe Duplantier and Mario Duplantier‘s mother passed away during the recording of the album, so this album comes from a rough place. You can hear it. Listen to how crushing “Silvera” or “Stranded” is especially.

The intensity of tracks like that on Magma rival Meshuggah. When you need a break from being pummeled with anger and frustration, check out “Liberation”.

Joe recently commented on the slight change in style in a conversation with Full Metal Jackie, saying….

“The fact that it’s changing, the fact that there’s less demonstration in the music. It’s not as death metal-ey, it’s a little groovier and atmospheric. I guess, the biggest risk that we take is being ourselves fully and completely.”

Joe, I can tell you, the end result of Magma was worth the risk! Check out the track list below!

1. “The Shooting Star” 5:42
2. “Silvera” 3:33
3. “The Cell” 3:18
4. “Stranded” 4:29
5. “Yellow Stone” 1:19
6. “Magma” 6:42
7. “Pray” 5:14
8. “Only Pain” 4:00
9. “Low Lands” 6:04
10. “Liberation” 3:35

Magma can be found anywhere in stores, and on with iTunes or Amazon.