Dethklok returns under new name

Fans have asked, and Brendan Small found a way! 

Dethklok is going to release new music under a new name, because of all the legal drama with Adult Swim

The name… is Galakticon 2. According to drummer Gene Hoglan

“Brendon is the guy to speak officially about the future of Dethklok per se, but one thing that I do know is I was down in LA doing a few days with Brendon on a new project that happens to be called Galakticon 2.

All I know is this Galakticon 2 album sure sounds a whole lot like Dethklok and sure has the approach of Dethklok.. .but it’s called Galakticon 2. That’s the name of the band because we can’t use Dethklok any more.
This new record we recorded is fucking amazing, it’s killer, and I’m stoked. It sure is a killer record we did, chock full of double bass, killer riffs, and all sorts of cool stuff, and I can’t wait to hear it when it’s done.”

All sorts of awesome! No release date has been set yet. 


Five Finger Death Punch give update on Ivan Moody

It’s no secret that Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody has been battling addiction for some years. All has been quiet on their front since it was announced that he was seeking help, but now we have an update on the future of the band.

Guitarist Zoltan Bathory explained, 

“You have to change the habits on the road – what happens, what’s on the rider. You have to take off all the alcohol – even mouthwash. It’s about trying to eliminate all of the triggers.
He’s been battling his demons, and when you’re in a rock band, it can be really difficult to be on the road.

If you have any kind of addiction or addictive personality, everybody wants to hang out and party. People are going to come up to you and say, ‘Hey man, let me buy you a drink,’ or ‘Let’s hang out.’ For them, that’s a big thing. They don’t realise that to us, it was the same thing yesterday, and the day before that, and the past 300 days before that.
But you don’t want to be rude – it’s just hard for people to understand that.”  

As for what specifically the band is doing to help Ivan, Bathory says, 

“You have to change the habits on the road – what happens, what’s on the rider. You have to take off all the alcohol – even mouthwash. It’s about trying to eliminate all of the triggers.”

According to Bathory’s interview with Metal Hammer, there are quite a few options when it comes to new music from the band. He mentions, 

“Since we have six records, I think now is the time when technically we could do any kind of album. This is the moment where we can sort of experiment.

We have a couple of ideas floating around. One of them is to make a little bit of a retro record, just to have fun and do a thrash metal vibe, and then there are new ideas that are completely different, involving elements that we’ve never had before.
Both directions are exciting, so we’ll have to make a decision.”

Whatever it takes to get new music, I’m in! What do you see ahead for Five Finger Death Punch?

Review: HELLYEAH – Unden!able

From the moment you put the latest release from HELLYEAH, Unden!able, on – you know you’re in for a ride! This album is solid work from the band. It’s a gritty, machine-churning-sounding, vicious rollercoaster ride the whole way through! Seriously, if you were riding a rollercoaster, you’d want this album as the soundtrack to the ride.

Unden!able has enough angst to perpetuate any bully. It’s almost as though Meshuggah is their backup band.

I have to applaud Chad Gray‘s vocals, they’re tight and fierce! They’re a perfect fit for Unden!able. What makes it perfect is his rap-like delivery. I can already hear him ramping up the crowd with any of these tracks on tour.

The album includes 13 tracks, some are purely musical interlude.

01. “!”
02. “X”
03. “Scratch a Lie”
04. “Be Unden!able”
05. “Human”
06. “Leap of Faith”
07. “Blood Plague”
08. “I Don’t Care Anymore”
09. “Live Or Die”
10. “Love Falls”
11. “10-34″
13. “Grave”

The crown jewel of Unden!able is a Phil Collins cover (“I Don’t Care Anymore”) that includes some previously unreleased guitar work from Dimebag Darrell.

It took three weeks to include Dime’s guitar parts for the song (they were recorded on a computer program from 2004), but this was an endeavor obviously important to Vinnie Paul. He says,

“When Kevin [Churko, producer] got the tracks isolated, he synched them up, and when we listened them it totally gave me goosebumps.

We’ve always felt like he’s been a part of this band since day one. We felt like his energy and his spirit was always with us. And for people to be able to hear him again in 2016 puts a big smile on my face.”

Unden!able is truly a treat! Check it out in stores today!


Red Hot Chili Peppers release new music

They’re back! The Red Hot Chili Peppers are set to release their first batch of new music since 2011.

According to Rolling Stone, they plan on releasing their new album, The Getaway, on June 17th – and it’s going to be released as a double vinyl LP and CD. They’ve already unleashed the first single from The Getaway too! It’s called “Dark Necessities” and you can listen to it below…


If you pre-order the album, you’ll get “Dark Necessities” instantly. It’s kind of a jazzier/smoother track than we’re used to from the band, but I’ll take it! It’s going to be interesting to see how much of a preview of the entire album “Dark Necessities” is. Check out the track list and album cover below.

The Getaway Track List

1. “The Getaway”
2. “Dark Necessities”
3. “We Turn Red”
4. “The Longest Wave”
5. “Goodbye Angels”
6. “Sick Love”
7. “Go Robot”
8. “Feasting on the Flowers”
9. “Detroit”
10. “This Ticonderoga”
11. “Encore”
12. “The Hunter”
13. “Dreams of a Samurai”