Review: Whitechapel – Mark Of The Blade

Deathcore may have begun a progressive shift in 2016, and Whitechapel seem to be carrying that torch with their latest release Mark Of The Blade.

Personally, I’m not a huge Whitechapel fan, but what grabbed my interest with Mark Of The Blade, was the announcement that Phil Bozeman was going to incorporate some clean vocals for the first time ever. You can hear them in “Bring Me Home” – and I hope to hear more in the future! We’re eased into it because their soft, almost like Maynard James Keenan’s in Tool‘s “Opiate”. You can also hear cleans in “Decennium”.

In addition to Phil showcasing his clean ability, this album shines a light on guitar men Ben Savage, Zach Householder, and Alex Wade. Do yourself a favor and show on “Brotherhood” to hear how in sync they are.

Most of Mark Of The Blade is classic Whitechapel, so don’t be totally thrown off by a sudden shift to clean vocals. Stick to tracks like “Tremors” and “Tormented” to be reassured that Whitechapel are still themselves. A consistent groove is pertinent throughout the whole album.

Mark Of The Blade can be found in stores now, and on iTunes.